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All three musicians are known for their blend of virtuosity and deep musical- ity. Structured tunes flow in and out of free improvisation, taking the performers and listeners alike to unexpected imaginative places. Frode Gjerstad saxophones , Borah Bergman piano For this release Borah Bergman now resident in New York sits in with Frode Gjerstad on a stunning duo session, the first in the series featuring the piano. Unlike most of the other releases in the series Borah also plays solo and hits a very creative mood, with nods to the memory of Gil Evans and although the two have not played together that often, sparks flew at this session bringing the best out of both players.

This French singers debut recording hails the arrival of a wonderful new voice to the European jazz scene. Based in the United Kingdom, Brigitte has successfully produced an album of songs that demonstrates her ability to steer clear of the tried and tested formulae that many of her fellow singers choose. Recommended by one of her mentors Anita Wardell, this is forward thinking jazz singing based in the now.

If your a fan of Brotzmanns 'no prisoner' approach you will love this record! Peter Brotzmann is a colossus amongst saxophonists with an unmistakeable sound and style and we unashamedly recommend this new CD as a magnificent example of where this direction of 'Free Jazz' has reached, warm, passionate and moving! Originally planned to promote a UK tour, this CD was the first by the wonderful duo of Steve Buckley and Chris Batchelor, increasingly in demand as one of Britains best brass sections!

This excellent first album see's them share the writing equally and with two pianoless quartet's they achieve a strikingly powerful and probing excursion into straight ahead modern jazz. Also featured in this recording is Tony Marsh, stepping in on percussive duties, an exceptional drummer whose name alone can usher in new depths of creation and add that extra special emotive spark. The band play original material drawing from a wide and eclectic range of influences from folk to free and contemporary jazz, creating fresh sounds and atmospheric textures within interesting harmonic frameworks and varied meters, over bubblling grooves blending four distinct voices into one.

Chick Lyall and David Garrett have worked together as improvisers since the 70's. At that time they had only the most primitive and paltry means at their disposal, an out of tune piano, various sound objects used as percussion and a range of household implements to create a ragbag of sonorities This new cd their 3rd for FMR contains wonderful but precarious balance between pre-prepared material, sequenced segments, lyrical piano interludes and minimalist debuted riffs in a shifting combination of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Originally working as a trio,percussionist David Garrett,along with pianist Chick Lyall and guitarist David Baird forged a musical language which drew from such wide sources as jazz,modern 'Classical music' and the radical sonic experiments of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Conventional instruments such as piano, drums and guitars could be combined with electronic sounds driven by computer as well as newly constructed instruments and found objects. Since Chick Lyall and David Garrett have continued to evolve the music of Greenroom by means of a combination of live improvisation with prepared computer generated sequences. Multi timbral explorations are combined with detuned acoustic instruments,flutes,sampling and electronic programming.

Composition and improvisation exist simultaneously and the music is somehow arrived at through a dialectic of structure and freedom. If Mariners Way evoked the mythical journey of the ancient mariner across the moors of South West England, The Sound Within journeys to a place which is within all of us, totally familiar yet often overlooked, a place where insights are created. This is where the formless becomes form, through the process of being in the moment. The three musicians weave an improvisational tapestry responding to what's happening around them.

Their individual thoughts creating their feelings and responses both through the texture, length and quality of the note they produce and the often overlooked power of stillness. The musicians here came along with an openness of not being tied to any formalised agendas or attachment to outcomes. Through this they touch the beauty of being truly free, a place where universal mind, personal thought and consciousness exist together in perfect harmony. This CD is the retrospective recording which was the result of this ten day adventure back in the Spring of It is a travelogue which combines the trios collective improvisations, Frank Van De Kooijs musical sketches with field samples taken from the streets and state media of the DPRK.

There have also been pictorial soundtracks made in collaboration with the electronica group Longstone and he has produced music for theatre. With Gustav Lost a play on the composer Gustav Holst perhaps? All are experts in the improvisational process as well as being extremely proficient and prodigious in the use of electronics and live modulation, an area of great excitement these days with computer processor speeds fast enough to run extremely complex alogrithms in real time!

His raw, human sound through the saxophone first drew me to his music. When 1 listen to his tunes, they speak to me in a very natural way 1 wrote some of the lyrics upon my own themes, but others were written with his ideas in mind. If you are looking for sincerity and delight 1 hope you will find it in this CD. It was all made possible by a group of very fine musicians from all over Europe, and of course it would never have been possible at all without Wayne Shorter himself.

Clare Foster vocals , Andrew McCormack piano , Alec Dankworth bass , Winston Clifford drums , with guests: Shanti Paul Jayasingha trumpet and Jean Toussaint saxophone This brand new release from the hugely gifted singer Clare Foster demonstrates not only her breathtaking voice, but her undeniable talent as a lyricist, setting her original, smart and inventive lyrics lovingly reproduced in the CDs booklet to brand new arrangements of classic compositions from amongst others Oscar Hammerstein, Duke Ellington and Freddie Hubbard.

This CD also contains some great guest appearances from the much celebrated saxophonist Jean Toussaint and the lush, ethnic-inspired trumpet sound of Shanti Paul Jayasingha, alongside her excellent backing band of award winning musicians: Andrew McCormack, Alec Dankworth and Winston Clifford. This stands effectively alongside more abstract, fragile structures and massively archaic walls of sound that even can knock back into irony.

The title 'Crossing' was penned by the group as a metaphor for the way in which their individual experience and musics meet and interact, fueled by a common love of improvisation. Evelyn Chang is an exciting young concert pianist regularly giving concerts around the world, but who since meeting Paul Dunmall, discovered the totaly different world of free improvisation and found a liberating force for her expression.

The second cd for FMR, Believe contains 8 tracks recorded at Oak Farm with excellent improvisations from leader Ed Gauden on drums, Colin Somervell on bass and saxophonist Mark Hayslip, now a trio after their duo previous release. Crux Trio takes is name from the idea that we keep trying to achieve something that can't be mastered for rewarded. Some very interesting music and compositions from this talented Hungarian saxophonist Daniel Vaczi!

These four great American improvisers present wonderful Free Improvised Music! The duo music on this CD is based on the traditional approach where two musicians engage in an instrumental dialog, reacting spontaneously to each other and changing the music as and when they see fit. This CD allows us to document and celebrate our music collaboration that stretches almost two decades.

Three quarters of the famous Mujician Qt, the Deep Joy Trio has established itself as one of the truly great free improv trios. The quartet has a reputation for offering a wide variety of stimulating music, thoughtfully programmed to provide amazing contrast, and this new CD is no exception, with stimulating compositions by wonderful composers such as Graham Fitkin, Javier Alvarez, Joe Duddell and Christopher Fox.

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A fabulous ensemble caught at its peak! He has been active on the London jazz circuit for the last 15 years, while Mehboob Nadeemfrom Bombay and comes from the illustrious Agra Gharana and has been the recipient of many prestigious music scholarships and awards. This tribute to Ornette Colman, consists of to separate recordings. The first recorded at the Bim Huis in Amsterdam on the 13th of June this year, consists of a live recording of 3 pieces Although recorded live, the sound is excellent and the duo engage on an enduring and fast moving landscape of music.

The second recording consisting of two improvisations was made while on tour recently in rio De Janerio and although a different kind of venue both players reach great heights of improvisation creativity. He says "over those years I wrote music, some for Ronnies band and some for a band I heard in my head. The music on this album consists largely of original material composed by Dick, plus a couple of standards that have been given a unique and fresh treatment by the group.

Four of the greatest improvisers around meet in New York.

Young Thug Lyrics

I will say a few words about this music I love Nick and Paul as human beings and musicians. It was wonderful; the space had a wonderful vibe and the listeners received the music warmly and enthusiastically. I decided that we should record in a studio to capture all the details of the sounds we can make because live recordings as exciting as they can be tend to miss the quiet stuff.

I knew it would be great because of the humanity and talent. Turn off the lights and listen Processing and sampling his own acoustic drum samples, Dirk then triggers these using an Octapad, in turn creating whole new rhythms and sound. Dirk Wachtelaer electronic drums, octopad with sampler, processed drum sounds , Michael Weilacher acoustic percussion Dirk Wachtelaer has worked with fellow percussionist Michael Weilacher many times, particularly within the group Vanishing Pictures. This live duo recording in Brussels, captures the pair exploring their sound parameters of both electronic and acoustic drum set ups, exchanging sounds to create a unique and whole percussive landscape.

District Magazine's Guide to Dublin City: June by District Magazine - Issuu

This music is the result of the two musicians working late one evening and early one morning during the course of these two days of sessions, producing a unique sound that has a life of its own, complete as a seperate body of work all its own. Boundless energy, boundless creation,, and boundless musical integrity! These musicians , the finest improvisers in the uk produce here a never ending stream of highly stimulating improvised music. The music threads its way through endless permutations of mood and dynamic range , but always with a total and uncanny empathy.

No musical ideas are excluded, its all valid and there areas of extreme free jazz feel to electronica as well as collective improv. But what words can you use to describe the musical range, its so large, so full, so rewarding. Listen with unbounding enthusiasm and elation to the musical outpourings of masters of the genera!!! This time as a duo The pair were originally billed to play a concert as a trio with a pianist, who had to drop out at the last minute, forcing the two remaining musicians to do a duo set. This is another lesson in free flowing improvisation, through three blistering tracks.

Three of these pieces freature my bass parts looped sometimes up to a hundred bars , then I play the drums to the bass track, afterwards adding keyboard chords, then Elton and Jon add their parts where I was able to open up the pieces into more of a free zone, while still feeling the pulse.. All tracks were first takes by all on board. The great work that both Elton Dean and Jon Wilkinson contributed is obvious. Straight and Free.

Chaos and Order. Liberty and Responsibility combining for Freebeat. Dirk Wachtelaer percussion , plus guests The Center for World Cultures Zuiderpershuis is the temple of world music in Belgium and enthusiastically dedicated to their mission : artistic communication between western and non-western cultures.

It is that location and ethic that Wachtelaer and a vast erray of musicians from around the globe converge. Trevor Watts saxophones , Gibran Cervantes urukungolo , Jamie Harris percussion Watts has forged his own path to become reknowned for his collaborations with musicians from different continents such as his Moire Music Drum Orchestra recordings with African drummers.

Recent trips to Mexico led to him meeting percussionist Gibran Cervantes. His instrument, the urukungolo: a large wooden frame with a series of differently tuned Berimbaus are wired together, he can pluck or strike them with sticks, and bend notes. For this recording Steve uses his usual set up of sound sculptures made entirely by himself while Erik employs a more traditional acoustic drum kit with added sound sculpture and effects.

Their styles are surprisingly different, but they quickly establish a healthy empathy and the wide range of stimulating percussion improvisations proves without doubt their status in the world of creative music. Although on the night, the musicians played in solo, duo as well as quartet situations, this CD represents what was considered some of the best music and contains all the solos and the final ensemble piece. None of these musicians need any further mention as they are without question, some of the most inspirational artists working in improvisation throughout the world today.

The contemporary classical quintet Between The Notes asked for entries in 9 categories and chose their favourite one of each, then recorded two or three versions of each, then picked the best one to be on the disc. A culmination of three friends appreciation of each others work. The resulting recording has an uncanny quality. When it occurs , one disappears. No more thoughts, no more image, no more anything.

Travelling is fascinating, especially when playing music. Michel, Rafal and i gathered at Alchemia Klub on the afternoon of May 25th, for this session The previous night we were playing in front of an audience at the same place and the recording of this concert 'The Joy Of Being was released in December I don't have much memories of the music but I remember the feeling, I ws sick and It took all my energy to take care of a bad fever. What strikes me the most is the resonance. As if we were possessed by a higher source of energy.

I am speechless. I can't describe to speak about music. Eloquent and passionate Canadian alto saxophonist joins forces with fellow and long time partner drummer Michel Lambert, with Russian pianist Alexey Lapin, for a second tour de force recording while on tour in Moscow These three musicians recorded in St Petersburg at The experiment Sound Gallery and at the IFC Jazz Club during April last year.

As before the trio reach new heights in wonderful free improvisation! Recorded while touring in Dec 7th in the wonderful acoustic of St leonards Church, London this CD is the third on FMR by the brilliant Canadian alto saxophonist Francois Carrier, who is based in Montreal, Canada The cd pit's him with his long time companion and excellent fellow Canadian drummer Michel Lambert, and English musicians flautist Neil Metcalfe, Guitarist Daniel Thompson and double bassist Guilaume Viltard The results are 58 Mins of sparking and tantalising improvisations of supreme quality and creative achievement alongside the music the album artwork includes many mini snapshots of Carriers other love photography, in which his astute ear is matched by his ever open eyes that capture the unusual, the abstract, that often missed in the pace of modern life Altogether the two paint a picture of a whole human being totaly alive and open to his existence and who can eloquently echo his experiance in music and art A major new voice in improvisation!!

The music here recorded at one concert at londons Vortex club in May The mainstay are Canadian Musicians saxophonist Francois Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert with British bass player extraordinare John Edwards and legend Steve Beresford piano added to the already wonderful ensemble brimming with talent and creativeness! After their stunning two cds Live in Russia Vol 1 and 2, eloquent French Canadian saxophonist and drummer par excellence Michel Lambert excel yet again in 9 new improvisations recorded at Resonance studios in their home town of Montreal They are ever becoming a powerful and confident voice in the music!!

Our trip to Russia was brief. We flew from Montreal to Moscow on December 18, The music was great and as I always do we recorded the entire concert. Right after the concert we took a ten hours train to St-Petersburg. We arrived in a very bad hotel at around 11h00 in the morning under very heavy snow, just like home.

We finally changed hotel to a much better one were we rested for a couple of hours. So, you know what? This brief trip to Russia was very intense, inspiring and productive I guess! Love, Joyfulness and Playfulness to us All! These 11 improvisations capture the two players in fine song, delivering performances that embraced the love and spiritual energy that greeted them upon there arrival. Somehow, even though both Matthias and Frank play with a lot of the same musicians in and around Berlin including me I have never imagined they would play together.

That wasn't a judgement about compatibility, or class, but essentially about desire - I always figured they were on separate paths, and wanted different things from their music. So when this recording landed in my hand, with the invitation to listen and write about it Although coming from different generations, and backgrounds, both Matthias and Frank share something very rare, and something very specific.

Kid Buu "Poppa" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

They are both deeply sceptical musicians who, nonetheless, are looking for transcendence in their music. Although not seen often on the concert platform Frank Perry has been busy for 30 years building an enviable reputation for producing a totally original musical output based on his spiritual beliefs utilising his awesome all metallic percussion setup using gongs, temple bowls and a host of ancient percussion instruments, some over years old!

Fredy Studer percussion Pierre Favre percussion In the world of percussion two Swiss percussion names stand out. Fredy Studer and Pierre Favre have long careers as drummer and percussionists as well as both working with the Paiste company to produce an incredibly creative range of cymbals, gongs and percussion instruments. Strangely, although friends for over 30 years this is their first recorded duo, but it was worth the wait!!

Beautifully recorded in Switzerland this CD will become a classic to all serious drummers and percussionist who will be amazed by their subtlety and creativity as well as spellbinding technique! Fredy Studer drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, multiple percussion , Hamid Drake drums, cymbals, metal, frame drum, tabla, multiple percussion , Michael Zerang drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, darabuka, zither, tambourine, whistles, bells, multiple percussion. This recording in Chicago while Fredy Studer had a residency took place over the course of one day and night, and covers an enormous breadth of stylistic terrain, from heavy textural improvising to deep and inventive grooves.

In some places, the three musicians contribute in extremely different and readily audible ways, while elsewhere their personalities merge into a startling group sound. From Zerang's amazing friction-percussion on snare drum, through Studer's other-worldly evocations on a giant gong, played with a mallet that's outfitted with a superball on its end, to Drake's infectious reggae rhythm on drum-kit and this is just on track one!! This is an outstanding opportunity to sample one duo track from each of these spectacular collaborations!!!

After the recent recording with Argenteenian reeds man Luis Conde, Frode continues one of his favourite formats , the duo with legendary South African drummer Louis Moholo! Again sensitive, creative and always engaging music prevails!! Frode Gjerstad returns with another of his famous formats , the duo This time its with long time colleague cellist Fred Lonberg Holm 9 pieces recorded in but never previously released featuring Frode working on both Bb as well as bass clarinet as well as that incredible instrument, the bass saxophone! I first met Ramiro Molina in I was touring in South- America with my trio and Ramiro helped me setting up some gigs in Chile.

After our arrival, he took us to the fish market and I had some of the most beautiful fish dishes in my life - so sim- ple and so tasty! That was my main reason for wanting to go back. Ramiro invited my back in September of I did a workshop there and we played some gigs together as well as recorded the music for this CD. It is great to meet someone on the other side of the globe and to be able to play in a meaningful way after only a few minutes.

Thanks for a very nice stay in your house and for the music! Legandry concert by master percussionist Steve Hubback with Norweigan saxophonist Frode Gjerstad here playing clarinet and B clarinet.

This trio happened at the No Idea festival in Austin, Texas, February , as an ad hoc combination. I came to Austin with a flu, and felt while playing, I was unable to get any decent sound out of my horn. I was really struggling! I was quite surprised when I heard the recording. Which to me sounds good! Damon and Alvin have played together for some time. I knew Damon a little bit, but I never even met Alvin before. I knew he was a very early member of the AACM in Chicago when they first started and he played with the people that we all know about.

Damon is a bassplayer who has worked with a lot of important European and US improvisers and so have I. Hamid, William and I have made 3 records prior to this one. Hamid and William are two very nice people who also play their music very well. I think my fascination for their art partly lies in the fact that they have played a lot together. They will sometimes invite me into territories that I normally stay away from — the jazz thing. To me, this is both frightening and exciting.

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I feel like walking on the edge with one foot in open air! I do not remember how many gigs we did, bt the tour lasted about a week. One cgi I remember was at Jazz Alive in Oslo. We had to play three sets and this was some kind of night club with people who came in for a drink or five and were mostly not into jazz music, and definitely not what we had to offer.

In the third set I felt blood in my mouth. Afterwards when Told Johnny he said if you have not been bleeding you have not been playing! Standing with John Stevens in the middle and having Johnny on my the other side made me feel like a king! Saxophonist Frode Gjerstad's third outing on FMR is another duo recording of improvisations this time with the electronics of Lasse Marhaug.

This CD includes five stunning improvisations between these two masters of their field, with Frode's saxophone blending perfectly with Lasse's wonderful electronics. Norways expert reedsman Frode Gjerstad ventures into more new terrain here, for his latest FMR release. This time, along with the ever excellent percussion of Paal Nielsen Love, Gjerstad has recorded a wonderful set accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful sound of two cellos.

Here he joins forces with other FMR regular and improv giant Frode Gjerstad here dedicated solely on clarinet for a wholly international musical journey. Frode Gjerstad saxophones , Nils Hennik Asheim organ Nils Hennik Asheim is a musician in an unusual yet highly enviable position, that of being an insightful, creative musician who specialises in an instrument that hasn't really been explored fully in the world of free improvisation.

And this recording certainly exposes the amazing potential of the classical church organ when in the hands of such an open and talented musician as Nils Henrik Asheim. This wonderful musician is caught in full flight with the great Frode Gjerstad for this duo recording and it is the perfect example of a creative partnership made in heaven, the ethereal Asheim sound merging with the signature twisting sax of Gjerstad. Highly recommended this release brings us close to the end of volume one of Gjerstads excellent duo series! Well dear listener, that you have in your hands looks like an impossible action, unreal object In Fact.

Lil Wayne Lyrics

And this is all that you have in your hands, music from stolen moments played with the lot of energy that could bring the collision of our distant lands and our pretty heads. Unlike the title the music is not sweet but hard driving stimulating improv by three of the greatest improvisers in the genere! Norwegian saxophonist Frode Gjerstad recorded this wonderful, spirited meeting with his friend, the late, great John Stevens in and it is finally seeing a release on FMR. John and I did a few duos over the years and this is the last one we did. Listening back to the tape now, brings back a lot of memories.

In between the tracks there is a bit of talking and joking. As we drove to the airport we talked a bit about future projects and he commented about what we had just done over the last few days, It's good what we've done, let's just keep going. One can expect good things from any session with Kevin Norton's name listed in the personnel, New York's All About Jazz has said of Gjerstads latest musical partner. The American vibesman also known as one of the finest drummers on the scene today has worked alongside such greats as Anthony Braxton, and has been described as a precision merchant The Penguin Guide To Jazz on CD.

For this recording he brings his acuteley devised accents and polytonal rhythmic perspectives Downbeat to Frodes ever excellent sound world. The recording features much of Nortons fine vibraphone work as well as Frodes excellent and visionary playing.

Saxophone and drums have often been heard in the freely improvised duo setting and there is certainly no lack in Frode output in this series , but each musician has enough imagination and talent to push the boundaries beyond the usual terrain. Another wonderful duo recording from saxophonist Gjerstad, this time with legendary German saxophonist Peter Brotzmann. Following on from the excellent duo release with the legendary John Stevens, comes this dynamite duo recording with fellow saxophone guru Sabir Mateen recorded in New York City. Featuring ten improvisations which ably convey both players unique styles, skilfully interweaving, blending and playing off of each other in ways only the most competent saxophonists can.

This is a must for all serious saxophone enthusiasts, and a wonderful document of two of the worlds most able players in the ever interesting duo setting and a continuation of Frode Gjerstads brilliant Duo Series. Isungsets unusual set-up of drums, and found objects stones, metal and wood mixes very well with Gjerstad's virtuoso playing, this time solely on clarinets.

Frode say's 'The way he Terje uses his set and the sounds that he produces, to me suggests a music which fits the wooden sound of the clarinets'. Recorded in a school gymnasium in Bergen, this twelve track CD utilises the rooms acoustic character and the wonderful interaction of the performers beautifully. Recorded by Frode Gjerstad at a play with the young Norwegian members of the quartet, Monkey Plot, who play incredibly quiet and sensitive improvisations The outcome is startlingly fascinating music of great depth and tension A marriage made in heaven and yet another step in Frodes wonderful musical journey.

The second release to feature the unique guitar capabilities of G. Contained on this c. The piece is scored for guitars, two piano frames, percussion, bass and clarinet. The remainder of the disc is full of some truly beautiful musicianship. Graham Peter Hall has come a long way in his many years as a professional musician; Blues, Flamenco, Jazz and hard Rock are the styles that most influence his musical formation. On this special double CD his third release on FMR Peter reveals to us some recordings he has made in the last decade, remastered and packaged with an insightful 12 page booklet.

Gary Husband. On this c. Peter creates layered sound sculptures which intersperse with beautifully melodic sections. After talking, we all agreed to a combined project unifying the music and photography. A worthy successor to the classic Ellipses recording and an embarkation towards new conceptual realms. Along with the highly reputed talents of Joe Gallivan, here with his electronic percussion and moog, this is sterling stuff for all fans of the genre. The trio demonstrate their skills with an almost telekinetic ability and it is a testament to them that this is music with not just a brain but with a soul as well.

With Kent Kessler and the always excellent Hamid Drake, this is one of those mesmerising trio recordings that shouldn't be ignored! Listen to it alot and it will unveil myriad layers of new beauty and expression. Beautifully recorded and an excellent example of how a conventional piano jazz trio format have transformed the genre into a completely new language. This is another formidable example of truly great group improvisation!! This new recording features the hugely successful pianist Bill Wells along with the presiding genius of The One Ensemble - Daniel Padden, a stalwart of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.

The first ever big band recording on FMR! This has been an incredibly ambitious and rewarding project, which has involved a lot of people. I am truly grateful for their hard work. Thank you to all who pledged in my crowdfunding campaign. With your help, I was able to create the album, that I wanted to make.

I hope you enjoy listening to the album, as much as I did enjoy creating it! When, what and how to play is up to them, unless indicated otherwise. The result is an extremely detailed music, based on textural rather than harmonic or rhythmic development. Finally made available the work began in when Raymond Macdonald was commissioned to write a new piece fo the BBC using graphic scores, through composed sections, photographs and artwork, all based on his past musical experiences with the musicians involves especially the wonderful Evan Parker and Marilyn Crispell!!!

A great new release from GIO featuring two main pieces. There's 16 relatively short tracks in a truly international project as the music was recorded in New York and mixed in Italy! Recorded in the Netherlands Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem , Jeffery has produced an exceptional set of eight tracks that explore this often underused instrument, combining and interweaving electronics to dramatic yet subtle effect.

This CD is a fine display of a truly gifted experimentalist. Howard wrote " It adds up to a broader range of feelings and ideas.. Featuring two of the undoubted leaders of European free music, Howard Riley and Keith Tippett have groomed a long running partnership from the '60's to produce a stunning recording of great clarity and sensitivity. Recorded in Bern by Swiss Radio the recording quality is the highest possible and perfectly focuses the inspired playing of the two on two wonderful Steinway grand pianos.

Born in Hugh Davies has been a leading light on the British Music scene for 30 years, not only as one of the major forces in early British improvised music but also as a composer, inventor of musical instruments and founder of the Electronic music studio at Goldsmith college, university of London. Thoroughly engaging they have been described as a cross between Schoenberg and Starsky and Hutch!

Somehow they manage to fuse the improvisation of jazz with classical string arrangements, hip hop rhythms and dance floor grooves Exuberant, infectious and above all a band with unparalleled spirit that is always prepared to push the barriers! When I look back over 45 years of involvement with improvised music I consider myself very fortunate to have played with so many great musicians. Reflecting recently on these past events, it occurred to me that the acoustic ambience and environment in where we played had a significant bearing on the outcome of the music, whether it was created within a small studio, a club, concert hall, or a cathedral.

This album, albeit recorded in a studio, in a way attempts to recreate some of those environments by imagining situations that all of those taking part, have experienced at one time or another, without limiting the scope of the overall improvisation. The others I have either met since returning to improvised music in , as is the case with Neil Metcalfe and Francois Carrier, or with Steve Beresford, someone I played with just the once in the very early seventies and become reacquainted with in when he, I and Trevor recorded The Kontakte Trio FMR.

Regardless of where and when, all of the musicians involved are outstanding improvisers who have my sincere thanks for their interest and support. This classic release originally on Bead records features Ian Brightons first record in his name and features some great improvisers of the day including Phillip Wachsmann, Radu Malfati, Marcio Mattos, Roger Smith and Jim lIvesey The background to this recording originated when Ian played a concert at Battersea Town Hall in The music, specifically written for children was composed and partly improvised.

Entitled The Sun Tamer': a Polynesian folk tale, the children participated by playing a blown or percussion instrument. All under the guidance of the narrator As the story unfolded such was their involvement and enjoyment they approved oblivious to the music being played! Fascinating drone music from this interesting German ensemble!

James Fulkerson trombone , Mick Green, David Murphy In the s James Fulkerson taught at Dartington and naturally got to know some of the musicians who lived nearby in Totnes and the surrounding area. Run up, get done up, say this every day Uh, these niggas jealous and uh Boy you is bitter like medicine, uh Are you okay, bitch? Might as well put me in the dog pound yeah. YFBG, nigga Every time we step out. Light show, light it up! Light show Light it up! Light show. Light show When I step out, light glow Lick, froze, whoa, whoa Wrist real cocoa Pinky ring, white show.

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I want his family dead, I want his house burned to the ground I want to got there in the middle of the night, I wanna piss on his head I want his family dead, I want his house burned to the ground I want to got there in the middle of the night, I wanna piss on his head. Man i swear the system tryna milk me! Stop calling my motherfucking phone! Man you gotta understand yea, yea I own stacks and ride with Benz yea, yea Detain dinero, had to, yea, yea, yea I throw it in a Louie bag yea, yea, yea.

Skip to content August 17, Azlyrics. June 23, Azlyrics. February 22, Azlyrics. October 12, Azlyrics. Lil' mamma want a nigga like me in the sheets Ice cube knock it out like Deebo Now who's that talking that gangs Last time I asked I dine and dash ed and bitch I go in the building Bad bitch make it clap let me know ya Shawn Kemp whip and I'm vacuum sealed skkrr Stop knockin' at my door we don't sell drugs here no way Please stop callin' my phone I don't sell drugs h Ridin' in a foreign whip and I'm vacuum sealed skkrr skkrr Stop knockin' at my door we dont sell drugs here no way Please stop callin' my phone I dont sell dru Swish I just scored a bucket I'm havin' money in the club doing the dougie dougie dance dougie dance Ima pimp with no limp PIMP I push ya cap back no flip flop Fight Night l' mama!

I'm a knock the pussy out like fight night Hit it with the left hit with the right Lil' mama want a nigga like me in the s 71 4. Hell U Talking Bout feat. Hell you talking bout[Verse1: Young Thug] You ain't talking about nothing got a whole lot of birds He ain't got that thing he a mahfuckin 72 Band Camp. Step On Tha Gas Feat. When They're Gone Lyle County feat. Little Big Town Look at that worn out rusty engine Sitting there begging f Ultra oulja Boy- Young Millionaire Ultra French beats yeah nigga shitting like the Mafia nigga Sodmg I pull up on the block bitch I'm ma bust on the nigga Been missing yagger on my feet B 76 New Coupes oulja Boy- Young Millionaire See my trap boys they be on the news I be cashin' out on designer shoes Droptop Benz boy new cou See my young!

All out of 78 Catch Me At the Light feat. Sixteen d in snow I'm taking it back to the basics I'm bringing it back to the basement See this that Christmas light shining blunts to the face shit See I was15 drinking like I wa Freeze I'm nice still like a nice pill drift with ease The finest piff to accompany the epiphanies A lil jerk copped the purp on his payday Bonfire feat. Sundown everyday I'm online When money's on my mind coordinate a time The people watch from the balcony or hire twisted limes Nutrition food for thou We so Move That Dope k Future] Young nigga move that dope Young nigga move that dope Aye move that dope aye move that dope How much dope can you move nigga?

Young nigga move that dope Young nigga move that dope Aye move that dope aye move that dope How much dope can you move my nigga? Chapo Feat. What's the word? How d How do I frame it? Get it straight Storm of a lifetime I It's me now who decides Still I'm asking you What would my father do? What would my father do? Look at the stars Jumpin LikeJordan Feat.

Legends in the Making Ashtray Pt. Nigga my whole squad getting it Practically live on the r 90 3. I'm ma cum a week later I'm ma spread that pussy out like an acre She on the cover of Fader and she say it's my time like Flava Plus she know I ain't fishin Lawd d cause a young nigga made it and got ahead They wanna lock me up and throw away the key That's not fair I made it up outta there Now I made it up outta there Now I'm ridin' round totin' choppas Ridin' round shootin' blocks up Everybody mad cause Even though I believe in God I'm I'm sti 94 Pit Stop thot boy I'm fuckin' that I'm hittin it from the back and from the side Bitch I get top and I get guap My Brietling's better than yo watch that don't tick toc