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How to install additional codecs. How to jailbreak Apple TV. How to setup external USB hard drive as primary storage. Free Windows Software. DSDT Patching. How to compile Chameleon Bootloader. How to dual boot Snow Leopard and Windows 7. How to fix time sync between Windows and OSX. How to install Chameleon bootloader. How to install Lion How to install Mavericks How to install Mountain Lion Dell Inspiron details.

DGCLF2 details. MSI Wind u details. How to install Snow Leopard How to install Yosemite How to remove offending kext. How to triple boot Snow Leopard, Windows 7 and Ubuntu This is a huge misconception with Windows, and now apparently with OS X as well. Even if the Operating System is unable to boot, your data still remains on the drive. For your issues, in order- Audio- What Audio chipset do you have? The rest of the guide can be followed verbatim; step 4 is the only step that must be changed.

Installed iPC Afterward, ran all software updates successfully, to On iPC right now. I have an Intel E 3. Is there a simple fix. Early 1.? Will play with 2. Then will back up installation to a Clone drive same size partition.

Busy through end of week, as I have a major hearing on Friday. If I get time on the weekend, I will most definitely give this a go. Is there a way of making this thread into a printable version? I would like to print it out and keep it with me as a guide when I attempt to install iPC and chameleon. Actually, there is. Just visit the page you want to print in Safari 5 and click the Reader button in the url bar. This will activate the new reader feature. To print, click the printer icon at the bottom of the window. I am going to leave and go home. Hopefully it will have downloaded by the AM.

I am hoping there is a way of doing this without having to use OS X terminal.

How to make a macOS 10.14 Mojave flash drive installer

Have 32 and 64 bit versions of Ultimate Edition 2. If I misunderstood your directions, I am sorry. If not, hoping you have another suggested method for installing Chameleon without OS X available. It will allow you access to Terminal to install Chameleon. I have downloaded Chameleon latest RC4 and love it as a bootloader, and several themes found on other websites. Hi there, I had a question about this, does performing this process add other boot entries to the chameleon boot menu?

Say Windows 7 or Linux if they are installed on other disks? Chameleon will automatically add an entry for any version of Windows. To add an entry for Linux you must follow this guide. Well this is a litle different to what I thought about bc there is no OS installed yet. It is a blank hd…. Then I read that it is because I am using an external harddrive instead of an USB thumb drive and that a external hd has to be set as active. To get Snow Leopard installed, follow this tutorial. It may just be enough to read the bottom of the first post as you already have a working boot CD.

Try reinstalling Chameleon RC4 following this guide and see if it resolves your issue. Also, trying copying your com. Nysos- Try copying the lines from this file to your com. Dear Thomas, I tried it and the commands worked fine this time, but when i restarted, i got three options at chemloeon at the boot time.

When i select Linux, it loads grubu correctly, but when i select Leaopord, nothing loads up, only one message says Loading Darwin and thats it, but there is no real loading CPU is halted etc. This is when i tried with RC4. But when I install chemloan version1, it does not show any boot time options for Linux etc and loads Mac OS straight away and i get to the Login screen as desired. Also, which Linux distro are you using? Then i booted in OSx and fired the following command, i get the resource busy message and chameoleon RC4 could not be installed.

I am triple booting XP, OS X, MediaDirect in my dell with chameleon bootloader RC2, its great but i dont want the dell utility partition to appear in the bootloader menu, is there any way to hide this partition? Because it should, Its apparently coming out very soon now and I want to be one of the first to start using it. I am using the 64bit versions of kexts I used with Any ideas? However, if I try to install Chameleon 2. Any ideas for this too?

Can you please point me to some document describing how to install OS X The guide aboth assumes that I already have a hackintosh…. Although a little more time consuming, you can follow the other guides on this site and then use our Snow Leopard guide afterwards. How can I fix this and re-install? Then, reinstall Chameleon but make sure to type the disk identifier as you see it ie. You probably forgot to include the r which is why it would have returned an error message when running the command in Terminal. Thank you. Whenever I did the repair, it would still require that choose Vista and then from the Vista loader choose Win 7.

I actually was able to figure it out. Here is what I did:. Flagged my Win 7 partition as active and then did the repair on Win 7. I then changed Vista back to the active partition, reinstalled chameleon and that seemed to boot without having to choose between Vista and Win 7 a second timet. Thanks for the help. Thomas, love your site, you seem to know your stuff. I was intrigued with your response to pcmanfan back on Apr.

This is exactly what I am trying to do, but can only boot to Win 7 if I select Vista it then brings me to the Vista bootloader and gives me the option there. I would rather have Chameleon boot straight to the partition and bypass any Windows bootloader or second OS selector. Here is my setup:. Computer boots to HD2 first which has chameleon. Vista and OS X are both marked as active. Do you have any ideas on how to get this to work?

Thanks a lot. To fix the Windows 7 error, boot to the Windows Install Disc and click repair. It should automatically correct the error. You will then need to boot back into OS X and reinstall Chameleon. With those flags, I asume I am booting like that from the single user mode? Something like boot -x -v -f. Or just straight from chameleon? The earlier version of chameleon RC1 does that have an interface?

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Because it was an automatic boot. Could the lack of completion there have caused the blue screen? You do that straight from Chameleon. As soon as you see the chameleon screen, hit the space bar and then type -x -v -f. Then press enter and it should boot. This boot will take a long time, possibly up to 3 minutes, so be patient and let it do its thing.

36 posts in this topic

And in case you are wondering, -x cause it to go to safe mode, -v causes it to verbose so you can see whats going on, and -f forces it to load all kexts. Now to your questions: Chameleon RC1 looks exactly identical to RC2 with the same interface and everything. Ok, so I come up with the option to boot so I say boot. At the screen where users normally enter their username and password, it is all working except the screen is blue. Completey blue. I can see nothing, but everything is working. Previously before chameleon it would work absolutely fine. You definitely had Chameleon before, just an earlier version, most likely RC1.

It is most likely coincidental though that this happened when you installed the new Chameleon becuase Chameleon would not and could not cause this. Try booting with the -x -v -f flags and see if you are able to boot properly. Chameleon is the one giving me the blue screen surely there is a way to remove chameleons booting? Thanx for your help Thomas, I just hope we get a soluion soon.

Without Chameleon there will be no way to load your OS. I have no version of windows installed at all. Just mac osx86 Previously it was just loading up, pretty much the same as a normal mac, so how do I now go back, undo whatever chameleon has done?

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Changing the timeout will cause it to boot almost instantly. To do so, navigate to the Extra folder in the root of your HDD. There should be a com. Now, open the com. All you need to do is change that number to 0. Then save the file back to your desktop. Now reboot and you should see a change. How do I remove chameleon? I have a msi wind u plus running I cannot boot anymore because it stays on blue screen.

There are no actual remove instructions for Chameleon, as is with most boot loaders, although you can overwrite it. Its actually very simple to do. If it says that it was unable to repair your disk or that no operating systems were found then you need to get a GParted Live CD. Let me know if you have any more problems. This may seem really stupid, but worked out that I have been having problems updating as I have not been doing the following commands -v and -f …..

Before I installed Chameleon I would get the darwin bootloader and press f8 i think and then insert the correct flag……but not sure how to do this with the new chameleon boot loader…. Installed the new chameleon, if I run windows it boots fine, but now if I try to boot OSX, it will get stuck on the screen with the apple, if I run with -v , it will be fine all the way up to a firewire error which is normal and then just stop.

Try booting with -f -v and see if you get any further. I managed to get it accidently once before, but several installs later i cannot seem to get it to work and now bounce between chameleon and easybcd bootloaders with easyBCD taking priority. How do i set OSX to the active partition without slaying windows?

Installed OS X on a friends computer and found myself using my own post and files for instructions. Thanks Thomas! The difference is that with the installer, you can only install to the partition you are booted from. With the manual install, you can install to another HFS Partition. For your purposes though, the installer should be fine. Hey Thomas, Thnx a lot 4 ur awesome post and helping me out through the other post, any way i just wanna ask u about the pkg installer.

Well good luck with the new job. Your issue could be either related to the BIOS not loading the keyboard or Chameleon itself so whenever you can let me know so we can troubleshoot.

OS X El Capitan Vanilla Installation Guide

I researched the issue and it seems that it is possible but no one knows how. I wish I knew because I also have a partition of my own that I want to hide. Working on customizing the theme now, will let you guys know if I come up with anything impressive. But please do post a screenshot of what you see when trying to boot Vista or Windows 7. On the other hand, when I select Vista or 7, all I get was a black screen with a character similar to the MS Dos prompt and it just hang at that screen.

Chameleon is only installed onto the OS X partition, not the entire drive. This means that the only way you will see Chameleon upon turning on your computer is if OS X is set to the active partition. Repairing Windows from the disc will most likely damage Chameleon and then set the Windows partition to active.

Thomas and Nathan—-can you guys provide me with your configuration of your partitions? All these partition are on 1. Are you guys have it on one drive or 2 more drives? However Chameleon is not active anymore, in other words I do not see the Chameleon boot screen after repaired Windows boot loader with the DVD. If I reinstall Chameleon, I could see it regconized all the partitions, but I cant boot into either of Vista or 7. However Os X is booted just fine from Chameleon.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!! Oh ok that makes a lot more sense to me now lol. Sorry i was not super clear. What i had before anything broke was my original dell drive that i used as a time machine, plus a WD that i used in the laptop. Dell send a me a brand new so i just threw that in the laptop, formatted the WD and will use it as storage and a TM, and just return the original dell drive once i format it. Do you have IM? If you do IM me at tompic so I can speak to you or just respond to this.

But just to be safe keep your XxX download going until I can answer you.

Geoff- Glad to hear that you got your HDD issue fixed. Your Ubuntu issues are strange and almost want to know how they did what they did. They have always done this for me including requesting my old wireless IR Keyboard and Mouse which had been discontinued for at least 2 years. Windows 7 has been known to be more tolerant in all Builds from and newer so you should also give that a try. To answer your last question about moving partitions,.

Actually lol i have no idea what the issue was anymore other than that there is no way it was a hard drive issue but i will not complain at a brand new hard drive considering the usual lifespan of dells hard drives. I also had thought they shipped the s with ubuntu, because i knew that the and minis did but he told me they did not lol. No cds, or hdd or usb drives would boot. However when i swapped the hard drives it would boot everything.

Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides:

I think it must have been some sort of a corrupt Ubuntu install. Anyways i decided that windows is lame anyways so i gave up on it, and will just run mac on my main hard drive and Ubuntu off a thumb drive for programming. The best part lol was that he tried to tell me it was because i didnt have a solid state drive.

Yeah Thomas is right something is wrong with them. Cant be Chameleon. Could it be something like not being primary partition or something? As for your question on uninstalling Chameleon from OS X, no you cannot. If you uninstall the bootloader from OS X then you will not be able to boot into it. And the reason that you are getting the boot corruption errors on your Windows partitions is because there is somethign wrong with them because Chameleon would not cause such errors.

Anyone try this with Tripple boot yet — Visa, 7 and Os X — on the same drive? I currently have 4 Partitions — Vista, 7, Os X, shared storage — respectively. However I wont be able to boot into either Vista or Seven. Anyone know any other solution for setting up Tripple boot loader? This is only more proof to show that when Dell has no idea of what the true problem is, they make something up. I have also run Ubuntu on this laptop and I have had absolutely no issues.