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Yes, you use Safari to change the default browser, even if you have no intention on using Safari as the default and instead want to switch the default to Chrome, Firefox, or whatever else. Another thing to keep in mind is that most browsers will ask you, often repeatedly on each launch, if you want to set them as the default for the web.

Another option is to go through the browser that you want to set as the default. This is possible because most third party web browsers apps also have an option within themselves to set their own app as the new default across Mac OS X, Chrome has this and it will ask usually upon launching the app if you want to set it as the default. Again, this will impact how all links open on the Mac, so expect new links to open in whatever is set as the default.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Open system preferences 2. Click on General top left 3. My system is I think these come on later versions. I am stuck on so many levels with this version that I think I may have to buy a new computer. If Safari is already the default browser then the option to change the default browser at the top of General Prefs will not appear. Any Idea what to do in Interesting, that must be a problem with a preference file or something.

Search right from the address bar with Google

If you can track down the prefs file it should resolve that and let you change the browser not sure which prefs file to target though, it will be a plist file somewhere. Another option is to set the browser from the web browser app itself. Chrome and others offer this when you launch the app, what browser are you trying to set as the default? I have a Mac OS Version I have tried to install Firefox and Chrome but my computer is not compatable. Any ideas? Really like Safari but cannot open sites I need. Does anyone know how to fix this??

I appreciate the person who asked the question as simple as it may seem to cyber tech folks. All them are very, very different and when Firefox throws that wrench when opening their browser, I just have remember that the cleaver Fox is attempting to break again. Just say NO. Seems like a bit of a daft place to put this setting. And what then when safari do not work any more? Pretty flipping hard to open safari to pick any other browser.

Mac OS X - How to Change Default Web Browser

And when i say not working safari its really non working at all it stops after 1 sec with lot of lines with kill command in it. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Malika says:. August 18, at am. Thomas says:. June 23, at pm. Donna says:. August 14, at pm.

Q&A: How do you change the default web browser on a Mac?

Alastair says:. June 4, at pm. Fabian Henzler says:. May 24, at am. The answer is very simple, the browser that opens any web link that is situated anywhere in your PC. You can open hyperlinks in your Microsoft Word through your Default Browser directly.

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It helps a lot for easy work. You just need to copy that URL and paste it into another browser to open it. Safari is the default browser for the Mac. It is speedy and works smoothly.

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It can save your passwords and keep them secure. It has been there since Apple launched their first Mac. Apple phones still have a safari in them that works a default browser. Some of them have the extension issue. They say some extensions are not available to add in Safari. These two are well advanced and most used browsers in the world right now.

They have better performance than that of Safari. Now, everyone need s to follow that to change a default browser in Mac. People keep on trying and finding a way to do the job.

How to change the default web browser on Mac?

Most of them use safari to have this job done. There are a few simple points you need to have in your mind for making another browser as your default. Read more: How to Uninstall Apps on Mac? There are a lot of browsers available right now for you like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Vivaldi etc. Each one of these wants to be your default browser to make their audience big. Whenever you open your browser other than that of safari in your Mac, a pop-up window shows up, asking you to make that opened browser as your default browser.

Let us have a look. Opera browser is a little difficult to use. It was first introduced for Android phone and later they keep advancing. You can make use of it too.

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The process to do this job is the same as that of chrome. Mac OS X devices are highly sensitive and well-designed devices.