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  2. 1. Turn Off Alternative 3rd Party DNS Servers
  3. How to Get Wireless Internet Access in a Hotel

Some of these Wi-Fi portals just let you log on without any hassle, but many of them have login pages. These serve up ads, notify you of the terms of conditions, and occasionally ask for you to pay to play. What do you do, though, when nothing at all happens after you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot?

Captive portal - Wikipedia

You follow this Quick Tip and force the right screen to appear. The problem is more common than you might think. You connect to the public Wi-Fi, and then try to open a web page. What do you do then? There seems to be an issue with displaying the captive screen within the integrated browser. What is the workaround?

1. Turn Off Alternative 3rd Party DNS Servers

It might be necessary to refresh this page multiple times until the correct captive screen will be shown. But after a few retries you should be able to authenticate. While connecting to a public wifi no captive screen has been shown. This time even above mentioned workaround was not properly working.

'Mac will not connect to internet' - Solution Tutorial

Make sure to copy the folders up front to make sure that in a case of problems afterwards, you are able to restore them. Thank you thank you. Weeks of pain of not being able to login to any wifi hotspot that was unsecured, but used a captive portal page. Always connected, always got an IP address, but no portal page.

How to Get Wireless Internet Access in a Hotel

Network profiles, etc. Much relieved. This started with Catalina for me.

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Never had this error before. I have tried the solution posted on this website but it is still not working.