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This animated template for PowerPoint works with:. These Templates are available for:. As the name suggests, this is a game show themed template with interactive panels to help you conduct game shows. This template provides panels where you can add your questions and hide them during the slide show.

Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates

You can ask contestants questions and then reveal the answers. This toolkit template is available for the following:. You can also download this standalone game show clipart and customize it by adding textboxes and images to it. Go to PresenterMedia. Your email address will not be published. The problem for me was that I didn't like any of them that are available.

It seems that every template that is available is based on using hyperlinks to different slides, which I believe imparts many limitations. The first of which being that the only way you can tell that an answer has selected is that the hyperlink is a different color usually goes from blue to purple. I show an example of this in picture 2. I also wanted to have a game board in which prize amount would go away if it had previously been selected see picture 3 for my version. A final requirement that I had was that this would have to be relatively easy to use, setup, and re-use in the future.

I didn't want to make something that I would remember how to use come 6 months to a year down the road. How was this done? This was done utilizing the "Macros" ability of PowerPoint. Unfortunately I do not have any other versions to test it in, but if you find that you can or can't use it in another version, please leave a note in the comments for everyone! To begin, we want to make the skin of this game; the PowerPoint presentation itself.

As you can see from my screenshot picture 1 when making the game board the size that I have it 4 rows x 5 columns for answers, with 1 row for category names , you will need a total of 22 slides. The first slide is the game board, the next 20 are the slides for the answers, and I use the final slide for the Final Jeopardy question. Go ahead and insert blank slides "blank" being the format option for the slides such that you have a total of 2. Now lets start on what I like to call the "game board" slide.

6+ Keynote Jeopardy Templates

This will be our first slide in the presentation. Everything that you see in all of the slides is made by inserting "Shapes. The most important thing at this point is to write down the order and placement of shape that you add. Why this is important is because the program internally names each shape in the order that they are created on each slide. For example: If on the first slide you insert a shape and this is the first shape that you have added this shape's "name" in the program is now Slide 1.

Jeopardy for PowerPoint - Medical and Educational Tools, by Kevin Dufendach, MD

Shape 1. If you add an additional shape, this next one will be named Slide 1. Shape 2 and so on. We need to know each shape's "name" so that we can make changes to it in the future. For my game board slide the first row of answers are shapes , the second row of answers are shapes , the third row of answers are shapes , the forth row of answers are shapes , and my category row are shapes This can be seen on picture 2. Now go ahead and make your game board using shapes. For aesthetics you can change things such as the font, font color, font size, shape fill, and shape border color I also recommend centering the text in each shape.

Next go to the second slide in your presentation. For this we want to add two shapes.

Jeopardy PowerPoint Template - Free Download

Shape number one should be the near the top to act as a title for that slide. Shape number two will be where you can type answers. An example of mine is in picture 3. For the shapes on my answer slides I removed the outline and made the shape fill the same color as my background so that there is no appearance of shapes being on the slides. After you have finished adding the shapes to this slide you can change the aesthetics for the shapes like you did on the game board.

Now, on the left hand side of the screen you should see the two slides that you have made. Right-click on the answer slide you just finished and select "Copy. In the last slide, go ahead and change the text in the title to "Final Jeopardy. The slides portion of this project is now finished! The way that the game is controlled is through the use of the Control Board, which we will make next. This is backbone of the game. This is also our starting point that is our foray into the world of macros. Click on the "View" tab on your top toolbar and select "Macros.

Free Keynote Jeopardy PPT Template Download

In the "Macro name: I use GameBoardControl. Next click, "Create.

Right now your form is small, so we want to take the box in the lower right corner, click and drag to make it bigger. Don't worry about the text in them or their names at this point.

We want to end up with something that looks likes picture 3. All of the slightly raised objects are Command Buttons, the text only are labels, and the two white boxes on the bottom right side are text boxes. Click on the blue bar at the top of the form to select it it most likely reads UserForm1. On the bottom left in the "Properties" window, highlight the text "UserForm1" to the right of " Name " and change it to "ControlBoard" no space inbetween and not quotation marks.

This changes the forms "name" within the program so later when we reference it, we will use ControlBoard instead of the arbitrary UserForm1. We can also change the text that appears on the top of the form by changing what is in the right of the "Caption" spot in the Properties window. I changed mine to "Control Board. Now it will be really useful if you name the objects on the form in the same way that I have done in picture 3. If you don't, or if you change the layout that's cool, but you will have to make the necessary changes to the code in the next step to reflect this.

For everything in the form except for the far right column the column that starts with "Initialize Game Board" and ends with "Final Jeopardy" change the Name and Caption both should be the same for the Command Buttons and Labels to what I have listed, keeping in mind that there should not be any spaces in the names. The naming scheme for the Command Buttons is: The labels are just: These Names are very important because they are what we are going to use in the next step with the code.

Whoa! You can't buy your own item.

The Control Board Form is now complete! If the presentation was the skin, and the Control Board the backbone, then the code is the meat. This is what does the work for us.

Jeopardy Game Templates For PowerPoint

All "Code" will be in italics. When you type it in there is no need for the italics , it just helps to differentiate it from the rest of the text here. When we first created our macro, before we added the form, there was a window with some text in it. We want to select that window now. If Windows. Show The first line will help us avoid errors down the road, and the second line is what will make our form we just made appear when we run this macro. Without "ControlBoard. Show" we would never see the form when we run the macro.

Of course, if you named your form something other than ControlBoard you will want to adjust it to your name. We are now done with that text window and you can now close it, or just keep it open. Next we want to move back to your form. Double-click on your "Initialize Game Board" command button. This will open up a window with the following at the top of the screen: This is the button that we are going to press when we want to initialize the game board. What we want to happen is for the program to take the values that are listed in the Low Prize and Increase text box and update the first slide in the presentation with the correct prize values in each box.

Next we want it to go through each of the answer slides and update the title with the correct category name and prize value for each. We will want to put the following code in-between those two lines I'll give an explanation of each bit as we go along: Text In the first three lines we are declaring the variables that we are going to work with in this section. This means that we can now use boardPos, prizeValue, and prizeValueIncrease as variables and set their value to nearly any integer whole number. In the fourth line we set gameBoard equal to ActivePresentation.

Slides 1. What this means is that whenever we use "gameBoard" in the code, the program will recognize it as the first slide in our presentation which if you remember, the first slide in our presentation is our game board. In the last three lines I am taking the variables that we recently declared and am giving them values. Unless they get changed later in the code, boardPos will have the value of 1, and prizeValue and prizeValueIncrease will have the value of what is in the text boxes that we made on the ControlBoard.

Shapes boardPos. The second line is the code that it's going to run. What this does is take the prizeValue and change the text of the corresponding shape on the game board. Or in other words, when boardPos is 1, it goes to the gameBoard our first slide in the presentation and takes Shapes number 1 this is why we said earlier that it was important to know the number of each shape added. If you put yours in a different order, you will want to make the change in the code and changes the Text what is written on the computer screen to the integer that is in the prizeValue variable which just a second ago we set equal to the Prize Value text box on the Control Board.

The last line makes the boardPos increase by 1. It will continue doing this until the third line of code in this section makes boardPos inrease to 6. When it is 6, it moves down to the following: The previous set of code changed the text of the shapes of the first row of answers to lowest value of the prizes. This line of code gets us ready for the second row of answers.