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In the Mass surveillance discloseues it was revealed that NSA and FBI have unfettered ability to evesdrop on skype calls and instant messages. The NSA even has full access to the datacenter supernodes.

Creating a Group Chat

On the other hand Dead Simple Screen Sharing has AES bit encryption the same amount of security that banks have when they handle your money. Dead Simple Screen Sharing is completely secure. Skype is not available for chrome books, but since dead simple screen sharing works out of the browser you can easily use it with chrome books.

With a simple chrome extension, you can share your screen with anyone and do audio calls for free. This article is written by Ali Asgher Lakkadshaw. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Screen sharing on Skype is pretty simple. It can either by a voice call or a video call. To call some one you need to add them to your address book. You can do this by: 1 either sending them an invitation on their Skype ID.

Screen Share skype As you can see you can either share the whole screen or a window or tab of the screen. This is how the screen will look to the person you have shared your screen with. The whole process that is needed to share the screen on skype is given in the video below. If you are having multiple monitors you can choose monitor screen to display. Pros of Skype Screen Sharing Popular. Need to install To use Skype you need to install Skype app in your system, whether it is a desktop client or a Mobile app.

Without installation, you cannot use Skype Need to create Microsoft account. Participants Must also have Skype installed Participants in your skype meeting must also have Skype installed, and you must know their skype name to start meeting. No screen share on Mobile devices One of the Major flaws of skype is that it doesnt let you share your mobile screen to anyone.

Bonus tip: You can use the noise cancellation app called Krisp to mute the background noise in your Skype calls.

What's new with Skype?

Anna is a staff writer here at Krisp. This writing enthusiast spends most of her time working on blog posts to help people with their daily lives and show them various interesting concepts. Aside from that, she has a passion for photography and that's what you'll find her busy with away from her laptop. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Download the app Go to Skype website, and click on the Downloads section. Once you do, you will encounter this popup screen: 3. Once the app is launched another popup window will show on the screen: Click Open and proceed to Skype main menu. Press enter on the keyboard, or right-click and select Call. When you're finished with the call, click the red Phone button in the window to hang up, or just close the window. Answering a phone call When you receive a voice call, you will see and hear a notification on your computer, as well as your Skype for Business-enabled phone if you have one.

How to answer a phone call When someone calls you, an alert appears on your screen. To answer the call, click anywhere in the blue area. Click Ignore to reject the call and send to voice mail. Click Options to do other actions: Send the call to Voice Mail.

University IT

Click Mobile or Home to redirect the call. Note: You must first set up your mobile and phone numbers within Skype for Business to see this option. Reply by IM to send an instant message reply instead of audio or video. Set to Do Not Disturb to reject the call and avoid other calls. These include: Setting up a Secondary Ringer - incoming call notifications will play both on your headset and a secondary device that you choose.

Setting up Call Forwarding - incoming calls will be forwarded to another number, contact, team, or go to voicemail. Setting up Simultaneous Ring - incoming calls made to your number will ring at your headset and computer speakers You can choose for call forwarding and simultaneous ring to occur: All the time default , or During work hours set in Outlook. You forward incoming calls by setting up forwarding rules.

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You can forward calls to: Voicemail, or Another number or to another contact, or a Delegate You can also choose to delay the simultaneous ring so that it first rings for seconds before ringing at another number, delegate, contact, or team. Setting up a secondary ringer If you have a headset plugged into your computer that you use occasionally for voice and video calls, you might miss audible notifications of incoming messages.

Launch Skype for Business. In the lower left corner of the interface, click on the drop-down by the icon with your audio device. Select Audio Device Settings. Choose your call forwarding option. Those calls will not "ring" on your machine. Simultaneously ring will make it so the calls ring both through the Skype for Business desktop software and the other option you choose.

Optionally, you can choose to apply the settings: All the time During work hours set in Outlook Click OK to save the changes. To set up additional numbers In the Skype for Business interface, click on the settings icon. Choose Phones. Enter it as the digit number starting with the area code. Optionally, choose whether or not to show the number on your contact card viewable to anyone using Skype for Business.

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Click OK to save. Forward an incoming call When you receive a call, a notification will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.

Click Options and choose the number that you'd like to forward the call to. Turn off call forwarding Select the call-forwarding drop-down menu and select Turn Off Call Forwarding. Audio control options during a call: The call control options Hold, Transfer, Devices, and number pad should automatically appear in the middle of the call window when on a call with an external number. How to use the audio control options: Use the dial pad to enter digits during the call to interact with voice-prompt menus. To put the call on hold, click Hold.

To Mute , click the microphone button.

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To send the call to another number or park the call, click the Transfer button and select a contact or type a name or digit phone number starting with the area code. Note: This option does not work to transfer a call to a Skype-enabled desk phone.

How to do screen sharing on Skype ? - Dead Simple Screen Sharing

To transfer a call Click on Transfer. If you do not see this option, click on the grey phone icon and then click Transfer. Select a contact, or look up someone at KU by entering their last name followed by a comma and then first name in the search box, or enter the digit phone number starting with the area code in the search box.

Select the contact or number and then click Transfer. A few notes about parking: Only people using Skype for Business on PC or using a Skype-enabled desk phone can park a call. Call parking does not work to transfer calls to a conventional or analog phone.

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Call parking times out after two minutes. At that point, the person who parked the call will be called again. Anyone waiting on the parked call will hear music. To park a call Click on Transfer. Click on Park the call at the bottom of the menu. You'll now see the number assigned to the call.

Anyone using Skype for Business or Lync for Mac can enter the three- or four- digit number provided in the Skype for Business interface to pick up the call. You will receive a visual confirmation when they do letting you know who picked up the call and at what time.